Neverland Party

Faith, trust, and PIXIE DUST…

That was exactly what we worked with this past weekend! We were able to help the Romo family in celebrating their son’s 5th birthday! With the birthday boy’s favorite character being Captain Hook it only seemed fit for him to dress up as the captain!

For this occasion we started by designing all the little kids tables as pirates boats, complete with sails and a Jolly Roger crows nest at the top and Peter Pan coloring pages for a little ones. 20130603-103629.jpg
All the banners were made from Peter Pan book pages, another loved detail at the party was a wooden direction sign to help you enter the theme of the party!

A party would not be complete without a table to present the cake so we made another boat shaped dessert table. Notice the table is empty of cake and dessert…

… The heat was not allowing us to place the cake or desserts out until they were to be devoured! So here is the amazing cake.

20130603-104914.jpg photo credit: Sylvia Romo
Here is the birthday boy with his special guest and all his special friends and family.

20130603-105453.jpg one of our favorite parts was when Peter entered the party there was a sword fight between the CAPITAN & PETER!!
Finally all the desserts were out and the birthday boy was ready to eat them.

20130603-110437.jpgOnce the mommy of the birthday boy said the desserts were out they only lasted about a minute, all the guest munched on mini Neverland cheesecake, Peter Pan cake pops, second star to the right cookies, pirate crispy treats, lost boys s’mores, and Tiger Lilly brownies!

This Neverland party turned out to be so much fun for us to design, not to mention attend. You could see all the love, and fun that the kids had with the birthday boy, as well as those parents who grew up knowing and watching the Peter Pan movie. Every one was transported to Neverland in that back yard. Thank you Romo Family for such a great time!


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