Can I have your Autograph?

Our family is disney obsessed, anything and everything is all disney with us from answering with a disney movie line to finding a disney character shape in our food! So it only seem fit that I make an autograph book to be signed by the SUPER 6 friends!20130614-142733.jpg
But when I finished the book, I kinda kept it for MYSELF! I couldn’t resist!!! And immediately I needed to get it all signed and filled with signatures. So during one of our craft fairs that was taking place in Cerritos, Ca the hubby and I decided to make a weekend out of it and the next day he & I went to the Happiest Place on Earth! ( with no children may I add)
We normally don’t wait in line to meet the character without the kiddos but this day we did, and I was all giddy and ready to meet them! The first one was Mickey Mouse of course!
20130614-143953.jpg He gave us the thumbs up!! Just to let you know if you want extra time with him this book will get it for you. He went through all the pages and just loved the whole thing. After explaining to him that this was what I do he asked a cast member for a business card from us. He wanted his very own. And had no problem showing it off and almost stuffing it in his shirt.
But he wasn’t the only one who loved it! So did his lovely Minnie!20130614-144553.jpg I made my poor husband follow me like a little girl wanting to meet everyone. Notice my big cheesy smile with Donald Duck he’s my favorite!20130614-145212.jpg


Can you tell I was having a great time. Unfortunately we were unable to get Daisy Duck, due to the fact that she does rare appearances! Fortunate for us, our daughter Daisy has met her and we will be putting in her picture there. But here is my book and semi-filled with pictures, each character page flips open.

Not bad for a little book that measures 4×5, and has 15 different spaces for picture, autograph, or journaling space.
Each page with its own tag.

Due to the fact that Daisy Duck is so hard to find( sad face😔) I will be changing her page to CHIP & DALE.
Anyhooo this autograph book along with the princess autograph book ( gotta do a different post for that one IT HAS 10 different PRINCESSES!!!) are all pre order.


Until next time!!!


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