A chalkboard Globe

Here’s a little project that the hubby actually did for me.
My mom always had at least 2 globes and maps all around the house growing up. Which I think she did to make us interested in where places where in the world!( well played mom, well played.)


Here is one of her globes that I took from her house to decorate mine. It’s like a little reminder of her in my home. Every time I go out thrifting, yard sales I keep an eye out for one. I had been looking for a nice decent one so I could put on the kids room or my craft room. But they are always so expensive or very cheap ( as in breakable)

Finally I came across one at a local flea market! For a great price might i add $ 3.00 ( good, sturdy, and in awesome condition) I had to do a happy dance in my head or I’d look crazy!
Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the globe before I went on this craft journey.
Hey it’s my first DIY post give me a couple more before I get good.


Here’s what you need:
Chalkboard paint
Foam brush

Be sure to completely clean your globe from dust, clean off the base and any metal with a damp clothe.
If your globe is made of cardboard this project will work but don’t wet it so much with the damp clothe, or the cardboard will get bumpy!

If like me you like to get messy use painters tape to cover any unwanted paint spots, such as the base or handles.
Be sure to read the instructions on the paint and let it dry between layers ( especially if it’s cardboard!) Let it set at least 24 hours

Once it’s dry draw, or write your message on the globe!

Here is my finished globe. I loved that it had the landmass a bit lifted and you can kind of see where each continent was!


Now I see this globe and think of my mom with her love of globes, with my love of crafts!



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