Our baby’s 1st year box

Babies! Babies! And more babies!!! That’s been the theme this year so far, the husband Joe and I are done having babies, but since the beginning of the year we have so many friends and relatives expecting for the first or second time. This is so exciting to see new parents , and doubled duty parents, and not to mention I get MY OWN baby fix.
Well not having babies doesn’t mean we don’t use wipes anymore we absolutely need them. We carry them in the car for sticky fingers, messy on the go makeup, and hello the restroom! Any-who we end up with wipe boxes ( the thin on the go ones) and I wanted to make something out of it and finally after months and the coming of my nephew, I got the inspiration!
We have all seen the mommies post pictures of their cutie patootie babies month by month. So I created this mini scrapbook for those pictures and how you can make one as a gift or for yourself!

20140502-090742.jpgFirst gather all your crafty supplies. I’m doing a boy theme for my nephew and my sister the momarazzi!

20140502-090949.jpgHere’s the tools that I used. I ended up using a couple more things, but I’ll let you now on the way what they were.

Let’s get started!!!

1. Select papers to cover wipes box. Cut and measure them to size for BOTH covers and BOTH of the inside of the covers. ( I used 3 different papers just layered)

2.OPTIONAL, round the corners of all the papers ( this adds a softer look)

3. Select and image to be on the cover.

4. Either cut it or set it aside

5. Measure and cut 12 white cardstock papers to fit into the wipes box.
Cut ribbon at 28 inch and one end loop it and glue to make a pull handle.

6. Lay 3 papers side by side then glue ribbon down to them horizontal. ( I used 2 ribbons)

7. Glue ribbon into place to papers then glue another paper on top of the ribbon in a sandwich style.

8. Repeat with 3 more papers, next to those 3 making it a total of 6 papers side my side and with front and back sides. BE SURE TO LEAVE AT LEAST 2 INCH OF RIBBON HANGING OFF ONE SIDE OF THE PAPERS to glue in later.

20140502-093443.jpg looks like an accordion, you’re half way done!

Steps 10-12 OPTIONAL
10. Distress the edges of all the papers that are together accordion like with the ribbon.

11. Don’t forget to distress the papers from the inside covers too. ( don’t glue them in yet!)

12. Also distress the cover papers too. ( here’s my 3 different layered cover papers)

13. Punch out 12 stars, or circles, heart, whatever shape you’d like!

14. On the shapes punched out, stamp the numbers 1 thru 12 on them.

15. Stamp the word ” Month” on each of the 12 papers attached together accordion like. Total of 12 times.

16. Glue the remaining 2 inches of ribbon hanging off the white cardstock accordion into the the inside of the back cover of the box.

17. Glue the inside papers over the ribbon to hide it!

18. Glue on stars to each month

19. I added stars to my stars!

Optional added decor 20-21

20. Decorate with a card on the inside of the box for added baby info.

21. I stamped a stork on white cardstock to color in with copic markers and on a scrap colored piece of paper, to cut out the little bundle and glue to the colored in stork ( paper piecing it in)

22. On a piece of 2×2 paper stamp ” Our baby’s 1st year” using a #1 sticker is optional. Punch out some mini stars. Then round and distress corners.

23. Start assembling the cover with the image that was set aside earlier.

24. Add any details ( I added gold and navy blue sequins)
25. On the inside of the front cover to add decor to make it look cute!



And you are finally done!


Remember you can make this for any theme on not just a baby theme. Do a travel, vacation, love, DISNEY! Or even school. Thanks for for joining till next week!
And remember…


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