DIY Mickey Mouse Notebook

According to my son ( Jojo) I make too much girly stuff, and too many things for Miss Daisy! Boy do I feel guilty. So I’m pushing myself to make stuff that both, miss Daisy and Jojo could enjoy. Today I’m sharing a quick notebook that I made Jojo to draw and write notes in. Super simple and quick in just 10 steps!
Let’s get started!

<br /

Here’s the supplies and tools!
* I also used 1 inch binding rings
I decided to go with a Mickey Mouse theme for him. ( whisper) but you can alter the papers to be for a girl…

1. Cut the 8x11inch black cardstock in half and I used a piece of cardboard from a popcorn box that measured 4×5 1/2 inch and glued it right in the middle of the black cardstock. (Pic. 1)
2. Fold all four sides towards the cardboard to make a crease, then cut corners on an angle like in the picture.(pic. 2)
3. Once all corners are cut fold and glue the side over and cover with another pattern cardstock to cover the cardboard. ( pic. 3)
4.repeat steps 2 & 3 for the other piece of cardboard. Here the front is black and the inside has pattern paper. ( pic.4)


5. Next I cut the holes from the notebook paper off, then in half. Then cut the paper to measure 3 3/4 x 5 1/4 inches to fit onto the covers.

6. Next I chose a paper that already had a Mickey printed on it. ( I didn’t want the cover to have any dimension knowing my son would destroy it over time.)
7. I used the same pattern paper as the inside as a boarder around the paper with the Mickey on it.

8. Punch holes through both front and back covers, as well as all the papers.
9. Loop 1 inch rings to bind the book. Tie ribbons around the ring. ( I only tied ribbons around 1 ring so it wouldn’t look to feminine ( or in Jojo’s words…GIRLY!)

10. I added a some minimal decor with a sticker of Mickey and his pals on the inside.

TAH-DA!!!! All done and ready to write on! In 10 simple steps!!!

And yes I am wearing a Minnie Mouse watch. It was a Mother’s Day gift from my mommy!

Anywhoo here’s the final front and back.



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