Paris themed Crafty Meet up

It’s been a while since I’ve last written on my blog. I know I’ve been neglecting it for such a long time. Life in general has happened. Anyway I’m here and I have such a fun post to share with you all. Last weekend I was able to host a Crafty meet up with a Paris theme. I absolutely had a blast! 

At this event there was a Make n Take so I created a Crafter’s Candy Station, just like dessert table at a party but this time since we all were gathering for our love of crafts I filled it with lots of yummy crafting items.

Look at all the fun at this station for craft lovers.

Each of the girls could create 2 tags and 2 wands. It was such a fun activity to see all the creativity and style differences. Here are some of the wands created by these artistic women.

Not only do we craft but we also meet new friends and share about different crafting techniques that we have discovered. 

Since this meet up was held at a Marie Calendar’s in the City of Ontario  here in Ca, of course we had to eat. The restaurant created a special menu for this event and group of ladies. So crafting we were a little tired and ate.

Prizes galore

Throughout the meal and make n take we had lots of prizes to raffle off. Majority of these prizes were donated by some of these amazing ladies. We even had more prizes that attendees, which meant that every single gal left with a raffle prize home.

There was also a white elephant game (just like the one played during Christmas time) this one was played with a crafty item created by each of the girls. Whether it was a Pocket Letter, Flipbook, Loaded envelope, or Loaded bag. If you don’t know what these are just google these happy mail trends. During this game we each enjoy and encourage stealing from one another— but it’s just good fun!

All the Goodie Swaps!

Last but not least this part is optional, but each of the 29 ladies that attended made Crafty related goodies for one another and we pass them out and just basked in all the creativity put into these bags.

All the crafty friendships

After all the fun and laughs these meet ups have created friendships and connected crafters from all around the Southern California area. These Meet ups are held usually every 4-5 months in different areas. This one I happened to be hosting it and what a privilege I was.

We had a lot of fun and I couldn’t thank my tribe of close craft friends Rebecca, Tracey, Linda, Deborah, and Sophia for having my back thanks girls it’s always fun to have you close.

And last but not least my family who for about 2 months leading up to the event helped me make, glue, sort, color, cut, and print and loved and supported my craft event. Thank you my family!

Thank you for the picture: Kawana Midgette, Maria Chavez, Kathy Chang.

Until next time.


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